Along the torrents Muson and Lasted

The tourist project Sui Sentieri degli Ezzelini aims to valorize the environmental aspects that have as their destinations the Astego, the Muson dei Sassi and the Musonello, streams that descend from Asolo to Castelfranco Veneto to continue on to Resana, Camposampiero and Padua.

The path takes the name of the medieval family of the Ezzelinis who settled in Godego but were repeatedly uprooted due to a feud with their cousins in Camposampiero, and eventually found a permanent home in San Zenone with the center of operations at Bassano del Grappa.

Along the torrents Muson and Lastego

The touristic itinerary Sui Sentieri degli Ezzelini lungo il Muson e il Lastego is long 40 km. The first stretch has been inaugurated on the 19th of May 2012 and it covers around 19 km, running mainly along the torrent Muson, sometimes also along the Musonello, touching the towns of Riese Pio X, Loria, Castello di Godego, Castelfranco Veneto and Resana.


The second stretch, inaugurated on June, 21st 2015, covers around 20 km of length within the territories of Crespano del Grappa, Paderno del Grappa, Fonte and Asolo. The first part of the latter, flanks the Muson from locality Spineda in Riese Pio X to the old Maglio in locality Pagnano d’Asolo, from where it is possible to walk to the locality called Casonetto, in Asolo (about 2 km).